joi, 8 decembrie 2011

Black Mirror

Black Mirror is not for you ! You don't deserve it !
You can't even begin to imagine how many hours did Charlie Brooker spend in his small dark room watching TV, having only his self-loathing to cuddle with. You don't even know that he tilted his TV screen to one side so that the mindless gibberish would pass effortlessly to his brain.

After this ataraxia passed you would expect him to be a mad psychopath that wanted a Dantesque revenge on everything that breathes. Well... You would be right.

After wiping the screen and news, Brooker decided to polish some of his perverted little ideas and turn them into something worth watching. Nathan Barley and Dead Set ( better than any limping dead US shows) were immediate cult hits but not enough to convince the stale suits.

Black Mirror promises to do just that. The political & social satire will please the hipsters, the influx of technology will draw the coveted young demographic, all culminating in a C4 explosion of awesomeness !                    
The first episode shocked me with it's sublime absurdity... and in today's Gaga-esque... that cand be called art.

*The first 3 episodes are out but I'm hungry for more. I want to hog them all up !

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